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Who We Are

Four State Ag is an independent agronomy service serving farmers, agronomists and agribusinesses in the heartland of America. We focus primarily on offering soil testing and crop imagery services in support of retailers and agronomists that provide the frontline of grower success.

Our soil testing service offers a variety of lab and software options for not only providing accurate soil testing but also empowering the end user with the tools to make the most of their precision application system ROI.

Our imaging service offers state of the art tools including multispectral, stand counts, thermal and infrared analysis using drone and aircraft platforms. The result is a timely, high resolution, actionable data for targeted scouting, irrigation management, or foliar application of fertilizers or pesticides. 

Whatever the soil testing or imagery need, Four State Ag, can provide a back office agronomy support system to help your business and your growers succeed. 

Irrigation System
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