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From pre-season to post, precision is possible.

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From pre-season to post, precision is possible

Ever tried to build without measuring? It can be risky business. Soil sampling gives you the measurements you need to accurately build your soil. Managing what you measure gives you insight into one of the top 5 influences on successful crops.

With our bulk acre discounts from various labs, we pass those savings to you, our customers. This ensures that you capture the measurements you need at a price that fits your budget.


Need someone to just pull samples? We do that too! With our custom plans, we tailor to your needs and budget goals. 

Soil Sampling

How much nitrogen does your crops need at any given moment? Having a year like 2016? Let's model your nitrogen program to what worked then and what weather models predict. With Adapt-N, these are possible to save guessing and wasting product. 

Match this data with soil analysis, soil scan data, imagery, and your current Nitrogen program (including litter) to maximize your crops yield while minimizing loss.    

Nitrogen Management 

From drones to airplanes, we know imagery. By using soil data, NDVI or thermal imagery; and using predictive modeling tools, producers apply just what's needed, when and where it's needed.

Our flights range from 1-15+ flights during the growing season depending on your needs. Customers using thermal and infrared often detect issues several days (if not a week or two) over using just NDVI. Couple these layers with a pivot to create a knowledge-based VR product application. 

Aerial Imagery

We offer products from The Andersons, a leading manufacturer of liquid fertilizers for in-furrow and foliar application. Benefits include the potential for increased yield, reduced lodging, and faster drydown. Programs are also available for fertigation and organic production.

Liquid Fertilizer