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Soil Testing
Grid, Zone, Haney

Ever tried to build without measuring? It can be risky business. Soil sampling gives you the measurements you need to accurately build your soil. Managing what you measure gives you insight into one of the top 5 influences on successful crops.​

With our bulk acre discounts from various labs, we pass those savings to you, our customers. This ensures that you capture the measurements you need at a price that fits your budget.

Need someone to just pull samples? We do that too! With our custom plans, we tailor to your needs and budget goals. 

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0.7-4cm quality

From drones to airplanes, we know imagery.

By using soil data, NDVI or thermal imagery; and using predictive modeling tools, producers apply just what's needed, when and where it's needed. Our stand count imagery makes fast work for replant decisions.

Need to target just areas of weeds? No problem! Our weed detection AI works so your sprayer doesn't have to. 


Nitrogen Managemt
Making 'yellow' the new 'green'

How much nitrogen does your crops need at any given moment? 


Let's model your nitrogen program to what the plants look like according to imagery and tissue testing. Coupled with soil testing, prior applications, and yield data, you might not need what you think.


With our software, we take your fields imagery, soil data, ground truthing and ROI maps to the next level of nitrogen recommendations! Want a harvest potential map and ROI breakdown? No problem! 


Data Management
Your machines are talking, can you understand?

Today's farms create data. A lot of data! Many are not fully utilizing this data to drive decisions that carry ROI.

Every year we manage as applied, soil, plant health, and yield data from many machines of just about every color.


Let our team create beautiful budgets tailored to your farm based on your data and numbers.  

Apply fertilizer and seeds where it will carry ROI, not wasting on the treelines or areas that can not produce. 

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